Fan Comments

One of my favorite things to do when I come visit Illinois is see the Back Paiges play. Everyone always has good time and for me, well, I always get to see all the people I miss by living out of state. They put on a great show that really gets the crowd going (along with maybe a little Budwieser). They just keep getting better as the years roll on. I can’t wait to hear them this summer and the debut of their new Rolling Stones songs (hint hint)…
Eric P.
Thanks for the drinks,
and most important,
the killer tunes!
We had a blast
and will surely be back…
Dave S.
I love the band.
Can’t wait to hear them again.
Love this band!!
They play my kind of music!
The Back Paiges are AWESOME!! They can sing any song of any era and sound fantastic!! Also, Rick (Flessner) is a wonderful addition to the band. My only complaint is that I wish they were at the Isles more often! I’m looking forward to seeing them out there the next time…. Thanks BACK PAIGES!!
Deanna M.
What a great band. And to think that I knew 3 of the band members and grew up on the same street in little old Roberts with one of them. Will definitely come to hear you again.
Brenda M.
They’re the BEST AROUND.
I LOVE to listen to them
Linda W.
Keep doing what you’re
doing, because everyone
loves great classic
rock music. KEEP ROCKIN’!!
Chuck D.
Back Paiges do a great job.
1st time I heard them I said
“they have to come play at my bar…”
“Slick Rick”
Can think of few things more enjoyable than listening to these guys with some of the fellas from IL.
Love the band,
love the music.
Great band, Lots of
fun, Good tunes…
Your band is great. I really enjoy the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s rock ‘n’ roll music. It is so much easier to dance to than some of the stuff I have heard. And brings back some childhood memories. Can’t wait to hear you again.